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Welcome to the home of the British Balintawak Arnis Association.

The BBAA provides the very best instruction in all aspects of Balintawak and self defence training, giving importance to both the physical and psychological aspects of fighting and self defence. 

Balintawak uses a single stick as the primary training tool to install the principles and concepts of combat.

In our experience this can prevent people taking up this art as it is often said you do not carry a stick around.

But as you see below our training methods covers all aspects of personal protection training with or without weapons.

You choose. 





Force Multipliers

The Trained Eye


Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 12.37.12.png
Edged Weapons

The Open Hand


Mind Training

Random - When Preparation Meets Opportunity

A brief look at Balintawak's arrival to the UK

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