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BBAA is based in Nottinghamshire and consists of a small group of people dedicated to teaching all aspects of Balintawak Arnis self defence system.

We introduced the grouping system of Balintawak to the UK in the early 1990’s, taught to us by Bobby Taboada, this approach was devised to be structured and easy to learn and is the most popular form of Balintawak in the world today. While training in this method with Bobby Taboada he said to us I wish you could meet my friend Bobby Tabimina as he has both sides the hard and the soft. The opportunity to further our knowledge and train with Bobby Tabimina in the enhanced random method of Anciong came in 2010. Not knowing what to expect as we had a good grounding in the grouping method, after our first day of training with Sir Bob our understanding of Balintawak was now in disarray as this was a whole different  

level and he would often quote "understand me as I understood Anciong"

Over the last 40+ years I and me associates have practiced and studied various other martial arts over the years such as Karate, Judo and JuJitsu our approach has always been to research and practice what is effective and work as it was intended. 


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