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Random Method

The random method is non technique based. This is not to say that techniques do not exist of course they do, but without instilling in students the objectives below they will be unable to apply those techniques in real time and under stress.





Level 1. Defence


The processes

Healing phase. Relaxation. Zero mind. Trained eyes. Contact shock. Defensive posture. Sensitivity. Adaptability. Synchronization. Virtues


Level 2. Offense.


At this level we employ a no dummy approach by attacking the stimulus.

The processes

Heightened consciousness. Awareness. Improved defence.



Level 3. Applications.


This level teaches you: the when and how to apply, effective or not, in real time, with resistance.


Level 4. How to become a Stimulus.


To be an effective fighter and instructor this level is the key.

How to refine and sharpen the students movements beyond the basic.

What is important in this level is that a student is taught how to become an effective stimulus . They will then be equipped to pass on the teachings of Tabimina Balintawak and in turn preserve the teachings of Anciong Bacon. 


Level 5. The first shall be last and the last shall be first.


Information equals performance and your performance will provide more information.

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